By Train :
the Temple is located at 5 km from Fidenza rail-station and it is reachable by taxi (about € 10).

By Car :


from the exit of A1 highway (Milano-Bologna) Fidenza-Salsomaggiore Terme, proceed following the indications to Tabiano. Proceed after Fidenza, following the road directed to Tabiano . After about 5 Km, on the right there is the indication "Bargone".


Turn on the right through a brief ascent road and, after the bend, at about 200 meters, the Temple is the second building on the right; go ahead and go down to the parking lot. You should rise a brief path.

Concerning the dress, comfortable and decorous clothes are recommended; it is better to avoid jeans (they take in sitting down) and gymnast tracksuit (more suitable for sporting practice). Have a nice trip!

Phone: Call center 840-04.21.21 (24 hours open, 7 days open)
Infotravel by Tim 892525 (24 hours open, 7 days open)


Parma Airport "Giuseppe Verdi" Via dell'Aeroporto, 44/a, Parma. Tel.: 0521-982626 Fax: 0521-992028. 5 km from Parma downtown. Bus n. 11.

Fidenza rail-station (8 km from Tabiano). (Bus services and taxis to Tabiano are available). For some Intercity and Eurostar trains, change in Parma rail-station. Then inter-regional train to Fidenza every hour. (Information bureau FS Tel.: 0522-824615)


Taxi in Fidenza Radio Taxi - (24 hours open, 7 days open) Tel. 0521- 522666
Taxi in Salsomaggiore Radio Taxi - (24 hours open, 7 days open) Tel. 0524 - 572440
Taxi di Parma Radio Taxi - (24 hours open, 7 days open) Tel.: 0521-206929
Bus service - (Tep Parma). Bus service from Parma to Fidenza-Salsomaggiore. In Fidenza extra-city bus service to Tabiano Terme Tel.: 0521-2141 Fax: 0521-214444