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Intervista radiofonica con Isra García

"I'm not using the verb 'to be'; it is a problem for my teachings" - Zen Master Taiten Guareschi.Isra Garcia interviews the honourable Jūdō and Zen Master, Taiten Guareschi, about an entire life devoted to practising Zazen at every moment while finding awe in misunderstandings and enjoying the risk and vulnerabilities of being human. We deconstruct some of his most provocative and essential learnings and thoughts. And also dissects how he followed the lead of his three great masters, Taisen Deshimaru Rōshi and Narita Shūyū Rōshi, and Cesare Baroli, and created his Way while founding and teaching at the Fudenji Monastery (Fidenza, Italy)."'I' generates compulsive thinking. You don't listen, you are only worried by what your thought affirms, but Zazen breaks this compulsive thinking".

"I'm a Buddhist, but being a good observer, I can become a good Christian" - Zen Master Taiten Guareschi.It's a vibrant and profound interview about becoming one, abandoning body and mind, koans, embracing contradictions, accepting conflict, the Zen Way, habits, skills and zazen practice, which goes beyond any categorization, concept or word. It's a conversation about a great and formidable man who shares himself and all his most personal stories and life-changing anecdotes. It shows us his mind-blowing attitude and a very disruptive way of thinking, behaving and acting."Existence is not limited only to humanity".

"Why don't we steal from the poor and give to the rich?" - Zen Master Taiten Guareschi.