The Sôtô Zen Italian Institute ‘Shôbôzan Fudenji’, Worship Organization officially recognised by the Italian State (5.7.1999), was created in 1984 to support and promote Shôbôzan Fudenji temple’s growth and mission. The Institute is member of the Italian Buddhist Union (U.B.I.). It has the status of juridical subject representing the moral interests and patrimonial estate of the religious community. The organization’s administrative charter is aimed at fostering Fudenji’s religious vocation: to preserve and to pass on Shakyamuni Buddha’s authentic Teaching, handed down from Master to disciple. Following Zen Buddhism religious principles, the Institute’s activity is primarily focused on religious training and education. However, the Institute’s unique nature is to be open both to ordained monks and to lay people, who can also benefit from Zen training, as they are called to live their faith in Buddha’s Awakening wholeheartedly (art. 4.2, letter f of the charter). The Institute’s goals of research and religious mission are closely connected. A Centre for Buddhist Studies, working on translations of original texts and on philosophical-theological research on the history of Buddhist Doctrines, especially Sôtô Zen, has been operating since 1989. A Course in Buddhist Theology (see link for the syllabus), aimed at training qualified religious teachers- both monks and lay people - in the Sôtô Zen tradition, started in 1999. A library with many texts on Buddhism and Zen is available for students and members. The legal premises of the Institute are Shôbôzan Fudenji’s temple, in Salsomaggiore Terme (PR).