“The earth, Buddhas’ family and the Fathers are where the dream within the dream unfolds. It is in the earth, in Buddhas’ family, through practice, through the teachings of the Fathers that the awakening in awakening can be found: the dream unfolds itself within the dream.
This is the turning of the wheel of the Buddha Dharma; turning in every direction, it is from here that the oceans, the Mountain Sumeru and the land all rise.
Every earthly manifestation is a dream, the clear splendour of one hundred grasses.
It is beholden to us to learn that grass, roots, branches, leaves, flowers, fruit, light and colours are all a single, great dream.
Explaining the dream within the dream regards all places; the wheel of Dharma turns on all things -great and small- and blows freely
like the wind.”

A dream explained in a dream, Dogen Zenji (1200-1253)

Our life, energised by contemplation, is communal and shared daily through meditation, work, study and meals – season by season and day after day.
We go to the heart of time , that moment by moment, is corroding all things, and give up trying to hold onto the life of things with our hands.
Many sacrifices we make unnecessarily, but some, however, reveal their gifts-
And there’s one gift that’s immeasurable:
Let thought be from a simple and pure heart, sit in the quiet of zazen, live a simple and intense life- learn and practice these nobile, refined and generous ways that Lord Buddha continues to offer us with his everlasting omnipresence.

Both short and long term residencies are preceded by a trial period (tangaryo) in which the practitioner is introduced to life within the community.

Applications to be directed

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Fudenji – Administration
Bargone 113
43039 Salsomaggiore Terme (PR)

by email to: f.a.o. administration

Please state your age, gender, origin, level of schooling, profession, level of experience, the reason for your application and, if necessary, a letter of introduction from your teacher.
It is also possible for you to make an application in person, but please phone and make an appointment in advance.